My journey to this moment started on one of what seemed like an endless number of business trips, bouncing from city to city and store to store.  From my early days as a buyer at Harrods to my days leading Ralph Lauren retail, the story was the same.  By late afternoon, my team and I would be fried, but far from done for the day.  With little time to slow down, I remember all of us dumping out our bags to find anything to put on our face to refresh, de-stress, and give us the energy to keep moving. 

We did the best we could with what we had.


Over time, I became passionate about skincare. I tried endless new products. I was thrilled by amazing ingredients. And I came to realize that when my skin felt good, I felt good. When my skin felt dry or stressed, so was I.  Taking care of my skin was one of the best ways to take care of myself. 

But why did that feeling need to be limited to my morning and nighttime routine, what happened in the 15+ hours in-between? We set out to create products designed for the nonstop lives we lead.  

We consider skincare as more than just the physical application of the product, that there is a benefit to creating an experience, a moment of pause. Tapping into both the physical and the mental benefits of powerful botanical ingredients.

A wellness approach to skin care that is anything but routine.

Something to use all day long. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Right before the next meeting, on the way to a night out, before and after exercise, or when you just need a moment.

Something good for body and mind. With powerful, sustainable, natural ingredients that are as good as they feel. Something to help your skin and transform your mood. 

This is the mission on which Arq Botanics was born.

I am so proud of our breakthrough line of active botanical facial mists.  These are no ordinary mists. They are supercharged with powerful ingredients in a luxurious mist that is easy to apply and delivers nearly instant results.  Every spray hydrates  brightens and revitalizes your skin, helping to plump, protect and nourish.

These incredible Active Botanical Facial Mists are just the first steps in our wellness journey.  I hope you will try them and feel for yourself.

With Love

Susie Coulter




Let’s take a moment. To celebrate the little things that make us feel positive, healthy and refreshed. To pause, take a deep breath and...exhale. Arq Botanics was made for that moment, and all the many moments of your day when you want to feel good and do good—for yourself and your skin.

Our botanically supercharged formulas are designed to be used anytime, anywhere—whenever you need a moment to refresh, rejuvenate and restore skin’s healthy glow. Unlike typical skincare that’s used first thing in the morning and last thing at night, Arq nourishes your skin all day with essential hydration and proven ingredients that not only feel great, but deliver real treatment benefits, too.

Each Arq Botanics facial mist combines powerful botanical antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in a base of hydrosols and aloe water. These good-for-skin active ingredients are sourced from organic and wild-harvested plants and derived through cellular extraction, a breakthrough process that captures the actives at the height of their power.

It’s all delivered in an ultra-fine mist that goes everywhere you go—offering a modern, routine-less approach to skincare that works on your schedule. And with 4 benefit- driven formulas to choose from, there’s an Arq Botanics mist for every moment.