In traditional Chinese medicine the ear is a microsystem with multiple acupressure points that connect mind and body.   Ear seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool to stimulate various pressure points to produce the required relief - for STRESS + ANXIETY + FOCUS + MEMORY + SLEEP + INSOMNIA

They are easy to use, simply by placing these small adhesive backed beads onto specified acupressure points for the desired result.

One ear point that should be used all the time (alone or with other points) is the Shen Men. It is considered the prime point and heightens the efficacy of the other points and is directly related to the nervous system.

Included in each box:

  • 20 Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds
  • 20 Gold Ear Seeds (24k gold plated with stainless steel base)  
  • Tweezers for application 
  • Travel bag
  • Information card with acupressure guide

NOTE:  Adhesive is latex free and medical grade

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
With clean hands, wipe down ears alcohol pad, then with the tweezers, peel an ear seed from the tray
Using a mirror, affix the ear seed to the pressure point as shown on the instruction card (dont stress about being perfect) and press ear seed into place with your finger
Press each ear seed for a few seconds anytime to stimulate the acupressure point


NOTE: Ear seeds should remain in place for 3-5 days
Replace after 5 days and wait 8 hours before reapplying fresh seeds to allow skin to reinvigorate


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