Cellular Extraction

Cellular Extraction


Cellular Extraction  is a unique method that harnesses the power of nature by enabling the compounds within the plant or fruit to be transferred across the cell membrane and suspended in a liquid matrix (pulled through) as they exist in their synergistic relationship within their cell walls. They are stable, multi-functional and they are potent.


There is now no longer a need to use synthetic standardized extracts, with inferior extraction processes. Synthetic standardized extracts usually talk about % of compounds as standards and nature doesn’t work that way - nature fluctuates from harvest to harvest, location to location, season to season, tree to tree etc. - depending on the environmental stressors it is exposed to at the time - we are now working with the essence of nature, no manipulation.


Cellular Extraction draws on the brilliance of nature’s design - understanding how compounds are stored, nutrient transport systems, cellular composition, plant mechanisms and the influence of environmental stressors to innovate a process that respects and bio-mimics mechanisms tried and tested by nature over billions of years. 


Through CELLULAR EXTRACTION we can now discover and release the power these species have to offer - releasing the power of nature! 


True to nature. - simply what nature has created, now harnessed.