Hydrosols and why we love them

HYDROSOL and why we love them?

Hydrosols, more simply known as “flower waters” are water based products produced by distilling plant materials.

The distilling process produces two end products: essential oils (oil soluble part of plant) and hydrosols (water soluble part of plant). Hydrosols have a high water content with microscopic drops of essential oils, which means that hydrosol is more gentle and can be applied directly to the skin. The presence of the essential oil leaves the hydrosol with a beautiful subtle aroma.

So why do we care about hydrosols?

Firstly, hydrosols are organically produced with no added ingredients, Arq Botanics is dedicated to bringing you clean botanical skin care products that are  environmentally friendly.

The emergence of hydrosols in the world of skincare has led to the discovery of many benefits these flower waters can have when applied to the skin, without risk of irritation due to their gentle nature and high water content.

Lastly we love hydrosols because of their beautiful aromas that each serve a purpose, for example, the scent of lavender is considered to have soothing and calming properties that are fully experienced through all the senses. We love to consider skincare as more than just the physical application of the product, creating an experience and a moment for the customer and tapping into the mental benefits of skin care and we believe that hydrosols have a big role to play in that! 






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